Project Description

Radha Pharmacy is a firm with great vision, great thoughts.
Radha pharmacy was founded in the year 1974 by vaidy Dr.Achal Chand ji jain .
Dr. Achal chand ji holds a degree of Engineering .
Achal chand jain in the year did a course of Ayurvedic and medical science which also includes Ayurved Ratna to which he get to knew his interest and much usefulness of ayurvedic science. Due to which it lead to a deep study in Ayurveda. To which he was shocked upon by the research and strength of ayurveda in curing diseases.
In a one face of there life they had some health issues. This was the me when vaidy Dr. Achal chandji jain really acted upon this sacred formula’s which he just studied theorecally for several years. In this me he got to knew the actual power of ayurveda . This result were so shocking and so nice that he wanted to share the formula’s to help people and to cure various diseases .
This lead to a small ayurvedic clinic ‘chikitsalya’ where he used to see and help people with diseases. This formula’s of Ayurveda seeked the aenon of people too and helped them cure various disease to its extent , all these formula needed was ‘belief ’ and ‘paence’. Dr Achal chand jain did not wanted to limit this formula of Ayurveda to limited people. He wanted to share this formula’s to whole india. This lead to start of a firm called ‘Radha Pharmacy’.

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