Project Description

Core values – At Creative Credit Co-operative Society Ltd. we have inculcated certain values, which will help us in our working. We strive to exemplify these values in our customer, even amongst ourselves.

These are:

Integrity – We ensure that our words & action are in compliance with integrity, So that we work harder & to improve the quality of our work & services.

Open to change – We have a mind open to change of roles, responsibilities, processes, function as we know them, as with change comes learning on with learning comes certain.

Team – To ensure that in all we do, we carry our team with us & continuously invest in their development.

Customer satisfaction – Our society extremely believe that everything we serves our customers, that fully satisfy them. We care for our customers.

Transparency & Creativity – We believe in transparency & to remember that ideas are the currency of success & they differentiate us from our competitors, create an environment that facilitates creativity.

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